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Dede Bacon has been a licensed real estate agent for over 30 years and has assisted numerous Buyers and Sellers to make their home ownership dream become a reality. She works hard at providing both seamless and transparent transactions for all her clients.

She purchased her first lot from Baja Properties in 2000 and was finally able to move down in 2006. Although the real estate business in Baja is much different than the USA, she has worked hard to become a knowledgeable and professional Realtor in Mexico, specializing in the Los Barriles/East Cape market.

The market is hungry for small developer-designed neighborhoods which take the guess work out of building for newcomers. El Jardin de Santa Maria is the perfect opportunity for Buyers to purchase quality construction at an unmatched price. Beautiful homes starting at only $250,000!

James Dunn (Orchard Investments Company) has been a Colorado real estate developer for more than twenty years and has been involved in the construction and development aspects of over two hundred homes there.

Since owning property in 2000 in Los Barriles, he has built and managed twelve home projects in the area.

He builds the homes in Mexico with the same pride and standards of building that he used in Colorado. His Mexican building partner is an engineer and architect. Together, they are experts in the nuances of permitting, materials, labor, construction costs and controls.

EL JARDIN de SANTA MARIA is the result of combined knowledge and experience and intends to meet the needs of demanding buyers who want the benefits of a gated community with well-designed homes and prices that are hard to match.

JMT Construction and Site Development is a family owned, East Cape Baja builder, with strong ties to the local community. With over 20-year experience, JMT, provides new construction and remodeling for commercial and residential projects. They also provide architectural and engineering services which include: structural and elevation plans, surveying, site development and permitting. The owner, Antonio Rochin, has degree in civil engineering from Tecnologico de La Paz. The Rochin family having lived in the East Cape since 1850, gives them an extensive knowledge of: government regulations and infrastructure along with sources for quality; labor, materials and sub-contractors. As one of the largest builders in the area, they are able to get discounts not available to other contractors. This allows them to offer lower prices without sacrificing quality.